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T.K Medical is a hi-tech company. Our company innovates, manufactures, and distributes medical devices, including devices used in micro-invasive surgery, surgical implants, and devices of sleep surgery.
Guangzhou T,K Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Address 1 : A601Guangzhou International Business Incubator, Guangzhou Science Park, Guangzhou,China

Zip            : 510663

Address 2 : No. 7, Jianye Siz Road, DongquDistrict, Development Zone, Guangzhou, China

FAX           :+86-20-32290395

TEL           :+86-20-32290169, 32068340, 37616021

Contact    : 13922470081 Tracy Weng, International SalesManager

                   13822152512 Xiping Zhang, General Manager

                    13902259487 Xing Zhou, President

E-mail     : sales@gtkmedical.com

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Company Email: sales@gtkmedical.com

Company address 1: A601, Guangzhou International Business Incubator, Guangzhou Science Park, Guangzhou, China

Company address 2: No. 7, Jianye Six Road, East Zone of Technological and Development District, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China